P. andruzzii cell lines

Phreatichthys andruzzii

Line: EPA

Origin: Enzymatically dissociated 24 hours old embryos

Reference: Pagano et al., Scientific Reports, 2018

Our applications:

Used for the detailed promoter analysis of the 6-4 photolyase gene in Zhao et al., 2018 and also for the characterisation of the D-box as a light, UV and ROS regulated element where all this indelibility has been LOST in the EPA cell. Equivalent to the PAC-2 cell line from zebrafish.

Line: CF1

Origin: Fin clip-derived cells

Reference: Cavallari et al., PLOS Biology, 2011

Our applications:

These cells were used in the original characterisation of the P.andruzzii circadian clock. they were transfected by our standard protocols and were shown to possess blind circadian clocks. Equivalent to the AB9 cells of Zebrafish.

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